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Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor Operation Steps-Sinorock

How to use ultrasonic drilling monitor?Simple operation,Easy to learn.
Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor Operation Steps
1. Preparation work

A. Place the channel steel on the orifice. Push the winch onto the channel steel. Adjust the position of winch so that the probe is in the central area of orifice, and then fix the wheel to enable the tail part of probe to be placed on the water.
B. Connect four cables, including communication cable, depth count cable, handle control cable and power cable.

2. Start

Ultrasonic probe interface and automatic lifting device interface in the hole diameter and depth connection diagram. Turn on the power switch.
3. Setting parameters
1 Select “Ultrasound”.

2. Select “Set”.

3. Input the hole information: hole number, design hole depth and design hole depth;
  The setting of other parameters shall be consistent with the setting shown below.

4. Select “Adjust”, input the appropriate gain values and keep the gain values of four directions consistent. Select “Sample”, observe the sampling oscillogram and obtain the appropriate waveform by adjusting gains.

Note: collect the data from top to bottom and check the “Collect Top-Down” option;
Collect the data from bottom to top and cancel the check.

4. Collecting data

Click the “New” button in the diagram and input the file name; it is recommended to take the hole number as the file name. After the determination, click the “Sample” button, control the winch down-pass or lift the probe and then start the test.
Note: remember to save the data after the test is completed.

5. File viewing and export

Click the “File” button in the diagram and open the file to be viewed. Insert the U disk and export the file.
6. Precautions
1. Clean the cables on the winch with water when lifting cables.
2. Clean the probe after the test is completed;
3. Do not rinse the winch with water.