RSM-PDT(F) High Strain Dynamic Load Tester

RSM-PDT(F) Pile driving analyzer is equipped with powerful fitting analysis software under Windows system.
The analysis result of CASE method, the F-ZV curve, and Wave Up/Down curve can all be shown in the field.
Description Standard Configuration

RSM-PDT(F) High Strain Dynamic Load Tester (PDA)

Applicable standards

 Standard Test Method for High Strain Dynamic Testing of Deep Foundations ASTMD4945-12
 Technical Code for Detection of Building Foundation Pile JGJ 106-2014
 Dynamic Testing Technology Regulations on Highway Engineering Foundation Pile JTG/T F81-01-2004
 Nondestructive Detection Code for Railway Engineering Foundation Pile TB10218-2008

High integration, small occupation, and light weight.
● The RSM-PDT(F) is equipped with 10.4-inch TFT true colour LCD screen, providing with clear and intuitive waveforms.
● Strain automatically adjustable balance, and signal drift is eliminated.
● The RSM-PDT(F) is equipped with advanced piezoelectric accelerometer, providing with higher S/N ratio.
● The RSM-PDT(F) is equipped with convenient touch-screen and concise software interface, making on-site operations much easier.
● The analysis result of CASE method, the F-ZV curve, and Wave Up/Down curve can all be shown in the field.
● The RSM-PDT(F) is equipped with powerful fitting analysis software under Windows system. 
● The RSM-PDT(F) is equipped with advanced adapters for connecting the sensors, thus high working efficiency in the field is ensured.

Display: 10.4-inch TFT true colour LCD with 640 × 480 resolution
● Memory mode: Hard disc
● Memory: 3000 piles data
● Record length: 1k
● A/D solution: 16 bit
● Floating zoom: 8 bit
● System noise: <30μV
● Dynamic range: ≥ 80dB
● Transfer mode: USB
● Frequency bandwidth:10Hz ~ 12000Hz
● Standby time: Built-in lithium battery> 6 hours
● Operation mode: Touch screen
● Channels: 2 channels for acceleration, 2 channels for strain
● Working temperature: -5 ℃ ~ +40 ℃ 
● CBM: 25 × 20 × 7 (cm)
● Weight: 2.5kg (with battery)

                                                                                                                                             Menu screen


L:Total Length (From top to tip)
L1:Length of the pile under the test point.
L3:Length of the pile buried underground.

A1:Cross-sectional area of the test point
A2:Cross-sectional area of the middle part of the pile
A3: Cross-sectional area of the bottom of the pile
Four choices of hammer types: free drop hammer, hammer, air hammer, and other drop hammer.
Four choices of calculation method: damping coefficient method (RSP), maximum resistance method (RMX), minimum resistance method (RMN), and uninstall method (RSU).

Analysis software menu screen

1 * data acquisition unit in UNIX system 
4 * strain transducers 
2 * accelerometer  
1 * 20m trunk cable 20m
1 * hand-carry luggage box 
1 * Combined hammer
1 * High-sensitivity accelerometer and connecting cable 20m
1 set in English Calibration Certificate 
1 set in English Operation Manual