RSM-RV800 Pipe Crawler

Municipal (Industrial) drainage pipelines, water conservancy and water transmission pipe culvert, utility tunnel, cable trench and tunnel.
Description Standard configuration Optional accessories
Municipal (Industrial) drainage pipelines, water conservancy and water transmission pipe culvert, utility tunnel, cable trench and tunnel.
Product usage:
General investigation of pipe network, acceptance of new pipe, pipeline overhaul, maintenance and detection, rehabilitation acceptance, construction monitoring, and pipeline finding
Technical Specification for Inspection and Evaluation of Urban Sewer CJJ 181-2012
Technical Specification for Inspection and Evaluation of Sewers with CCTV and Sonar 
DB31/T 444-2009
Technical Specification for Inspection and Evaluation of urban Public Sewer DB44/T 1025-2012
Function Grade Evaluation Standard for Municipal Sewers Q/BDG JS001-GW05-2012
Function Grade Evaluation Standard for Municipal Sewers Q/BDG JS002-GW05-2012

Technical features:
1. Digital high definition: 500w pixel movement, clear and adjustable picture; the front-view and rear-view pictures can be displayed on the same screen and be switched freely.
2. Flexible wireless control of master controller: The master controller of notebook and tablet computer can switch at will, with Gigabit wireless router, dual-antenna configuration and stable transmission.
3. On-site report output: Support concurrent video recording and defect judgment in detection process and the test report can be issued on site.
4. Remote control handle: Mature control of handle in multiple ways, convenient to operate and control.
5. Strong power: High-power DC motor, with strong obstacle climbing ability. The two-side six-wheel independent drive, enabling the robot to make a turn for 360° in situ; automatic protection for the system locked-rotor and overcurrent is provided, and the hardware performance is stable.
6. Support 300~2000mm pipe test, with lifting height of up to 250mm, and support multi-pipe diameter test.
7. The system is provided with automatic overcurrent protection and the hardware is stable.
8. 22 high-brightness led lamps are adopted to provide compound lighting, and the light is adequate.
9. IP68, 10m water-proof. 
Acquisition software interface:

On-site detection diagram:

Performance indexes:
Applicable aperture range 300-2000mm
Working temperature -10℃~50℃, non-freezing state
Protection level IP68
Obstacle  climbing ability 45° slope   10cm step    load≥80kg
Length of single stroke Standard configuration is 120m cable, and the length can be customized
Movement speed 32m/min at most
Lateral tilt resistance 40°
Number of tires With six-wheel dual-drive, can make a turn in situ
Dimension and weight 530*248*230mm,20kg
Rotary camera
Lens rotation / resetting Axially 0~360°, positive and negative 90° horizontally / one-key automatic resetting
Lens pixel Front-view 500w pixel,/ rear-view 200w pixel
Focusing and zooming function Automatic focusing, which can be adjusted manually. 10-time optical zooming
Lens light Eighteen forward 5W high-brightness LED spotlights, four 5W LED flood lights; four backward 5W LED flood lights; the intensity and brightness of all light sources can be adjusted continuously.
Lifting height 0-250mm (excluding the vehicle body height)
Master controller
Master control method Both wired and wireless control methods are available for notebook or tablet computer
Wire spool
Counting High-precision (±0.1mm) encoder, used to measure the paying-off length of cables and wires
Pay-off and take-up / safety measures Electric cable reel, driven by the motor to pay off and take up the cables automatically, with the function of manual pay-off and take-up / equipped with the emergency stop button
Movement method With corresponding mobile wheels
Power supply mode 220v, 50Hz civil power supply and movable battery
Cables 2-core cable, with outer diameter of 8mm, and maximum tensile resistance of 200kg
Automatic wire arrangement Multi-layer automatic wire arrangement
Dimension and weight 570mm * 380mm * 490mm/35kg

No. Name Quantity Specification and Model
1 Notebook computer (master controller) 1 unit Thinkpad E480
2 Automatic cable winding cart   1 unit RSM-RXC(A)
3 Crawler body 1 unit RSM-RV800(A)
4 Rotary camera 1 unit RSM-XZJT(A)
5 8-inch solid tire 4 tires  
6 6-inch solid tire 4 tires  
7 Tool 1 set  
8 Crank 1 piece  
9 Safety rope 2 pieces  
10 Tire pump 1 piece  
11 Power cord 1 piece  
12 Network cable (2m) 1 piece  
13 Downhole sleeve 1 piece  
14 Downhole lifting hook 1 piece  
15 Wellhead pulley yoke 1 piece  
16 Inverter 1 piece  
17 Vehicle body aviation box 1 piece  
18 Tool kit 1 piece  
19 U disk 1 piece  
20 Screw 1 bag  
No. Item Specification Quantity  Remarks
1 Large-capacity lithium battery   1 piece  
2 10-inch pneumatic tire   1 set (four tires)  
3 Remote control handle   1 piece  
4 Tablet computer surface   1 unit PRO 4 13 64G
5 Automatic cable winding cart   1 set RSM-RXC(A)
6 Rotary camera   1 set RSM-XZJT(A)
7 8-inch solid tire   1 piece  
8 6-inch solid tire   1 piece  
9 Wellhead pulley yoke   1 piece  
10 Downhole sleeve   1 piece  
11 Downhole lifting hook   1 piece  
12 Inverter   1 piece