RSM-JCP(A) Tensile Stress Tester

Detection of the deviation of effective prestress;
Detection of the unevenness in the same bundle;
Detection of the unevenness in the same section.
Product parameters
Model: RSM-JCP(A)
port: Shenzhen
Trademark: RSM
Origin: Wuhan
Production Capacity: 100
Payment Terms: L/C T/T
Description Standard configuration
Product Usage:
  1. Detection of the deviation of effective prestress;
  2. Detection of the unevenness in the same bundle;
  3. Detection of the unevenness in the same section;
  4. Detection of the effective prestress of a single cable and the whole bundle of anchor cables.
Compliant specifications:
Technical Specification for Highway, Bridge and Culvert Construction JTG/T F50-2011
Specification for Inspection and Acceptance of Construction Quality of Prestress and Cable Tension of Bridge (CQJTG/T F81-2009)

Technical Features
1. Integrated tensioning used to detect the effective stress of a single steel strand and the whole bundle of steel strands. 
2. High level of safety. Set with the tensioning target, and tensioning warning value. Automatic presure application and judgement of curve inflection points. 
3. Highly automated: stops immediately when the inflection point of the effective prestress value occurs, and counts immediately when the preset alarming values are set.
4. Guided operation process: Intelligently guides the operation, ensuring easier and simpler operation.
5. Highly efficient industrial-grade intelligent control system that features stable operation, clear boundary and flexible control.
6. High precision in displacement of the whole bundle, ensuring easy installation.
7. High compatibility. A on-site jack oil pump can be selected for testing. 
8. Capability to calculate the unevenness of the force value in the same bundle and the same section. Avoids the test error caused by the uneven frictional resistance and the different heights of the exposed parts of clips.
9. Capability to detect the effective prestress of a single cable and the whole bundle, and it can make up the tension.
10. Prevents manual tensioning and errors in inflection point judging. Records the force and displacement curve for post-analysis and tracing.
11. Supports data uploading and data viewing through a cloud platform.
Performance indicators
RSM-JCP (A) Tensile stress tester Numerical Control Box
Main control form Low power embedded system;
Dominant frequency: ≥1GHz; Memory: 512M 
Channel for test of tensioning and expansion 2 channels
Display mode 12.1 inch true color LCD
Resolution: 1280 x 768 (backlight adjustable)
Load test channel A channel for pressure sensor and another for force sensor.
Communication mode Wireless/ wired Precision in expansion test Measurement error is less than 0.1%FS
Wireless distance ≥30m Measurement precision of load Better than or equal to 0.5 grade
Power supply mode Detachable lithium battery, endurance time≥6h Power supply mode Endurance time≥12h, charged with a charger
Operation mode Touch screen    
Storage capacity 16G electronic hard disk    
Power ≤20W    
Working temperature -20 to +50℃    
Environment humidity ≤85%    
Dimension 340×270×73mm    
Weight 2.0kglithium battery included    
Special jack(a single cable) Hydraulic pressure system
(a single cable)
Model Front clamping and space-limited jack Pressure range 0-70MPa/0-100000kN
Nominal tensile force 250kN Maximum flux 0.4L/min
Nominal oil pressure 53MPa Operation  voltage 220V(380V is optional)
Diameter of Piercing hole φ19mm Dimension 420X240X520mm
Maximum tensioning travel 110mm ( other travels are optional)    
Dimension φ114X410mm    
Note: The jack and oil pump for detecting the prestress of the whole bundle of anchor cables are additional configured as needed on site.    
Serial Number Name Number Specification & Model
1 Tensile stress tester 1 RSM-JCP(A)
2 Load control box (antenna included) 1 RSM-JCP
3 Strong magnet antenna 1 9DBI extended antenna
4 Elipower adapter 3 12V-5A
5 Pressure sensor 1 0.5 grade
6 U disk 1  
7 Touch pen 1  
8 Yellow draw-bar box 2 320A
9 Acoustic wave network interface communication wire 1 5m
10 Tee (4-piece kit) 1  
11 Quick connector 1  
12 Numerical control box power supply input wire (4-core 3-meter female connector) 1  
13 Numerical control box power supply output wire (4-core 3-meter male connector) 1  
14 Single cable displacement connecting wire 1 8 m
15 Single cable jack 1 Nominal tensile force: 250kN; Nominal oil pressure: 53MPa; Diameter of Piercing hole: 19mm; Maximum stroke of tensioning : 110mm
16 Oil Nozzle adaptor 2 Custom copper connector
17 Quick connector 2 Female connector
18 Oil pump DBZ70-0.4 1 220V
19 High pressure oil pipe 1 6m
20 draw-wire displacement sensor 1 200mm stroke
21 Magnetic meter connected to sensor 1 Install draw-wire displacement sensor
22 Magnetic meter connected to sensor 1 Install sensor connecting rod
23 Sensor connecting rod 1  
24 Magnet 1 20mm
26 Tool kits 1 Including 2 open spanners, 1 screwdriver, 1 test pencil, one set of 220V bull plug and socket