RSM-K30 Subgrade Coefficient Tester

Testing the foundation coefficients for k30, k40 and k60.
Quality control for the compaction of the railway, highway bed and embankment.
Product parameters
Model: RSM-K30
port: Shenzhen
Trademark: RSM
Origin: Wuhan
Production Capacity: 100
Payment Terms: L/C T/T
Description Standard configuration
Product Overview:
The RSM-K30 Subgrade Coefficient Tester consists of the host, pressure sensor and displacement sensor. The supporting devices include the oil pump, folding reference beam, jack and the high pressure oil pipe. Its functions include guided operation, automatic data recording, intelligent judgment of stability, intelligent judgment of termination conditions and operation prompting & alarms. With integrated design, the produt uses military grade sensors and connectors. It features intuitive, simple and convenient operations on site.
Product Usage:
1. Quality control for the compaction of the railway, highway bed and embankment.
2. Testing the foundation coefficients for k30, k40 and k60.

Compliant Specifications:
"Code for Geotechnical Testing of Railway Engineering" (TB 10102-2010)

Technical Features:
1. Integrated design of the host, small size, convenient in use;
2. Provided with 12.1" display screen, ensuring intuitive operations;
3. High-precision displacement sensors and pressure sensors, improving accuracy in testing.
4. Guided operation process, prompts & descriptions for each operation, enabling easier learning of operations.
5. The software is designed with intelligent warning and stability judgment functions, ensuring easier on-site testing.
6. The instrument is equipped with a replaceable lithium battery, and can be charged directly by an automobile battery. Suitable for field operations.
7. Supports wifi data transmission and Bluetooth wireless data transmission at the same time. Easier data uploading;
8. Realizes quadratic equation fitting, which is intuitive and simple;
9. Automatically generates test reports, ensuring less time and effort.

Performance Indexes:
RSM-K30 Subgrade Coefficient Tester
Control mode Low power built-in system
Main frequency: ≥1GHz
Memory: 512M
Data export method USB
Display mode 12.1 real color LCD display;
Resolution: 1280 × 768
(backlight adjustable)
Data transmission mode Bluetooth/wifi module
Power supply mode Removable lithium battery; battery life ≥6h; can be connected to the car battery for charging Displacement test channel 4 channels
Operation mode Touch screen Displacement test accuracy
Better than 0.1% FS
Storage capacity 16G electronic hard disk Displacement sensor range 0-20mm
Power ≤20W Displacement sensor resolution 0.01mm
Operating temperature -20 to +50℃ Pressure sensor channel 1 channel
Environment humidity ≤85% Pressure sensor accuracy  0.5 level
Dimensions 340×270×73mm Pressure sensor range 0-30MPa
Weight 1.8kg (lithium battery included)    
Serial Number Name Number
1 RSM-K30 Subgrade Coefficient Tester One
2 Charger One
3 Displacement sensor Two
4 Displacement sensor cable One
5 Pressure sensor and connecting line One set
6 Magnetic table Two
7 U disk One
8 Touch pen One
9 Three-way and quick connector One set
10 Instrument box One
11 Bearing plate One
12 Jack One
13 Jack adjustable screw One
14 Tube One
15 Beam support frame Two
16 3m beam One
17 Oil pressure gauge One