RSM-PDT(B) High-Strain Pile Bearing Tester

Item No.: 04
High-definition LCD screen
High-strength engineering plastic shell
Imported connector
Adjustable screen brightness
High and low strain integrated machine

High-Strain Pile Bearing Tester

Model: RSM-PDT(B)



Ø  High strain bearing capacity detection of pile

Ø  Low strain pile integrity detection by reflected wave method (optional)


Applicable standards

Ø  Standard Test Method for High Strain Dynamic Testing of Deep Foundations ASTM D4945-12

Ø  Technical Code for Detection of Building Foundation Pile JGJ 106-2014

Ø  Dynamic Testing Technology Regulations on Highway Engineering Foundation Pile JTG/T F81-01-2004

Ø  Nondestructive Detection Code for Railway Engineering Foundation Pile TB 10218-2008



l  Working Principle:

RSM-PDT(B) tester will provide prediction on the pile bearing capacity, pile integrity, driving stresses and hammer performance for a given pile penetration. It is a relative low cost type of pile testing compared to static load test (MLT or CRP). The testing technique is quick and accurate.


RSM-PDT(B) tester also can be used to perform high strain pile bearing monitoring (HSPBM-Monitoring) to evaluate pile driving information for pile bearing capacity, pile integrity, driving stresses and transferred energy against pile penetration. The results are essential for the actual pile driving process and to obtain valuable data on the hammer, pile & soil system for re-design on the piled foundation (if necessary).




Technical Features

1. Original instantaneous floating point amplification technology can take into account the distortionless acquisition of strong and weak signals;

2. Removable lithium battery is provided, desktop charger is supported and spare battery can be provided to ensure that the field work will not be interrupted;

3. The bilingual operation in both Chinese and English is supported;

4. The balance of strain bridge can be adjusted automatically to reduce the impacts of initial deformation of strain ring on signal acquisition and eliminate the signal zero drift;

5. The three-dimensional correction function for shallow defect is owned and the defect can be located accurately;

6. Built-in Bluetooth and WIFI can realize the function of real-time monitoring of wireless uploading;

7. With fast signal acquisition pace, the 60 hammers/min signal acquisition can be completed and the piling monitoring testing can be carried out in real time;

8. 8.4-inch true-color LCD screen is used, the curve is clear and direct and the backlight can be adjusted;

9. Portable high-strength engineering plastic shell with small volume and light weight can make operation easy;

10. 24-bit A/D combination design has large dynamic range and high signal to noise ratio;

11. Self-test for sensor installation status can be conducted in the field in real time;

12. Touch screen operation, friendly software interface and easy operation;

13. Analysis results by Case method, F-ZV curves and upper and lower traveling wave curves are displayed in the field;

14. With adjustable screen brightness, it can be used in a variety of lighting conditions;

15. Background color and curve color can be adjusted to meet customer needs.



Field testing



RSM-CASE high strain analysis software

Software Feature

1. The CASE analysis of high strain bearing capacity detection of single pile and tensile stress and compressive stress analysis of piling monitoring can be conducted;

2. Amplification, translation, rotation, filtering and other processing can be carried out for wave signals;

3. Original curve, velocity curve, force curve, force velocity curve, upper and lower traveling wave curves, displacement velocity curve, energy curve, tensile stress curve and other display modes can be selected for observation, processing and analysis;

4. Output contents can be customized and multiple output methods are supported;

5. CASE damping coefficients can be adjusted conveniently to obtain the calculation results of different JC values.



RSM-CAPWAP high strain fitting analysis software (optional)

Software Feature

1. The fitting analysis of high strain bearing capacity detection of single pile can be carried out;

2. Fitting parameters can be adjusted conveniently and quickly and the recommended parameters table is provided so as to grasp the fitting skills quickly;

3. The simulated static load test curve and pile soil resistance distribution diagram can be output;

4. Original curve and fitting calculation curve can be output in a variety of modes;

5. A variety of soil models can be selected to fit a variety of geological conditions in China;

6. The output in Chinese and English is supported and a variety of international codes and requirements are met;

7. Common Windows platform operation makes the system run safely and reliably.





Display method:8.4-inch true-color LCD screen

Resolution: 800×600 (adjustable backlight)

Storage capacity:16G electronic hard disk

Master control system:Low power embedded system   

Basic frequency≥1GHz     Memory: 512M

Sampling interval:

High strain: 10-500μs multi-level adjustable

Low strain: 5-1000μs continuous adjustable

Floating point magnification:1~256

Recording length:1k

A/D conversion accuracy:24-bit instantaneous floating point

System noise voltage:<20μV

Dynamic range:≥100dB

Data export method:USB

Frequency bandwidth:2~12000Hz

Sensor bandwidth:0.5~9000Hz

Power supply mode:Removable lithium battery; desktop charger is supported

Service life≥8h

Operation mode:Touch screen

Number of channels:

High strain: four channels

Low strain: one channel

Acquisition mode:Acceleration for two channels + strain for two channels

Sensor:Piezoelectric accelerometer, strain ring and speedometer

Trigger level:Seven-level selectable

Operating temperature:-20~+55℃

Shell:High-strength engineering plastics


Weight:1.8kg (including lithium battery)

Standard Configuration


Host (include power adapter\ touch pen)   

High strain testing cable 1 pc (20m)   

High strain testing cable 1 pc (0.5m four -in-one)   

Voltage accelerometer 2 pcs 

Strain sensor 2 pcs   

Expansion bolt 1 box   

U disk 1 pc   

Instrument caontainer and carry case