RSM-PST (A) Parallel Seismic Tester

Instantaneous floating point + full-range floating-point amplification technology
Efficient and convenient
Removable lithium battery
Equipped with a Parallel Seismic Tester probe
Product parameters
Model: RSM-PST (A)
port: Shenzhen
Trademark: RSM
Origin: Wuhan
Production Capacity: 100
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Description Standard Configurations Optional accessories
Product Usage:
The product is used to test the length of foundation piles, the average wave velocity of the pile body and the wave speed of the bearing stratum wave at the bottom of the pile, and evaluate if the foundation pile length and the average wave speed of the pile body meet the design requirements.
Compliant Codes:
Local engineering testing standard of Hebei province: "Technical Regulations for Inspection of Existing Building Foundations", DB 13(J)/T189-2015
Engineering construction standard in Zhejiang province, "Technical Regulations for Testing Pile Integrity", DB 33/T 1127 -2016

Technical Features:
1. Creative instantaneous floating point, full-range floating-point amplification,  high signal-to-noise ratio, ,balancing the undistortion of strong and weak signals;
2. Detachable lithium battery; supports the base charger;equipped with spare batteries to ensure uninterrupted work in the field;
3. High-strength engineering plastic case with firm structure and light weight, easthetic and endurable;
4, A 12.1" display screen that enables clear observiation of field signals ;
5. The host is operated via a touch screen with user-friendly interface. The screen allows easy operation and supports operations in both Chinese and English;
6. Standard USB interface, USB disk for data export;
7. Provided with a Parallel Seismic test probe with good wall sticking effect and high signal quality;
8. Capabilities to anlyze and judge the pile length, average wave velocity of the pile body and the wave speed of the bearing layer at the bottom of the pile on site;
9.  The brightness of the screen is adjustable. Therefore, it is suitable for applications under various lighting conditions;
10. The background color and time curve color are adjustable to meet customer needs;
11. A built-in system that features  fast start-up/ shutdown, and anti-virus capabilities.
Display mode 12.1 real color LCD display
(backlight adjustable)
Frequency bandwidth 0.1-4000 Hz
Storage capacity 16G electronic hard disk Power supply mode Removable lithium battery, supports charger,
Life time ≥6h
Signal acquisition method Wired Operation mode Touch screen
Control system Low power embedded system;
Main frequency: ≥1GHz 
Memory: 512M
Number of channels 1 external trigger channel; 3 sampling channels
Sampling interval 5-20000μs continuously adjustable Trigger mode
External trigger
Magnification Up to 100,000 times Trigger level seven options
Record length 1 k, 2k, 4k, 8k, adjustable Operating temperature -20~+55℃
A/D sampling accuracy 24-bit instantaneous floating point Case
High-strength engineering plastics
System noise voltage <10μV Dimensions 340×270×73 mm
Dynamic range ≥100 dB Weight 3.2kg (lithium battery included)
Data export method USB    
Serial Number Name Number Specification  & Model
1 Parallel Seismic Tester 1 RSM-PST(A)
2 Low strain speed meter 1 EG-10F
3 Low strain speed cable (4-core plug) 1 pdi-5m
4 Three-component wave tester in the  level type well (counterweight included) 1 304 stainless steel case with a diameter of 50mm
5 Three-component wave detecter cable in the lever type well (wire spool included) 1 100m
6 Wrench 1  
7 Communication cable for the host wire spool (6-core plug) 1 3m
8 Power charger 1 8.4V 5A
9 U disk 1  
10 Touch pen 1  
11 Yellow trolley case 1  

Serial Number Items Specification Price  
1 Three-component wave detector cable in the lever type well (wire spool included) 60m