RSM-SY6 Ultra Sonic Pile Integrity Tester

for Integrity Testing of Concrete Deep Foundation by Ultrasonic Crosshole Testing

RSM-SY6 Ultra Sonic Pile Integrity Tester

  1. Acoustic pile integrity detection by transmission method
  2. Concrete crack depth detection
  3. Concrete strength detection by ultrasonic-rebound combined method
  4. Longitudinal wave velocity test of rock mass in geological investigation
  5. Detection of loosen zone of tunnel rock mass
  6. Test of dynamic and elasticity parameters of non-metallic materials
  7. Integrity detection of underground diaphragm wall
Applicable standards
  1. Standard Test Method for Integrity Testing of Concrete Deep Foundation by Ultrasonic Crosshole Testing ASTM D6760-08
  2. Technical Code for Detection of Building Foundation Pile JGJ 106-2014
  3. Dynamic Testing Technology Regulations on Highway Engineering Foundation Pile JTG/T F81-01-2004 
  4. Nondestructive Detection Code for Railway Engineering Foundation Pile TB 10218-2008
  5. Technical Regulations on Concrete Strength Detection by Ultrasonic-Rebound Combined Method CECS 02:2005
  6. Technical Regulations on Concrete Defect Detection by Ultrasonic Method CECS 21:2000
  7. Regulations on Concrete Strength Detection of Railway Engineering Structure TB 10426-2004
  1. Detection Code for Building Foundation in Guangdong Province DBJ 15-60-2008
  2. Standard Test Method for Integrity Testing of Concrete Deep Foundation by Ultrasonic Crosshole Testing》(ASTM D6760-16)
1Built-in high-definition, high-brightness color LCD display with adjustable backlight;
2Easy to operate and learn with full touch screen operation;
3Using the Linux operating platform, the acquisition software interface is intuitive;
4、The automatic counting and lifting device can be connected conveniently and quickly ;
5、With the new automatic interpretation function, the first wave acoustic time and the Sound amplitude interpretation are more accurate;
6、Removable lithium battery is provided, desktop charger is supported and spare battery can be provided to ensure that the field work will not be interrupted;
7、Equipped with USB interface, U disk directly transmits data;
8、Small size, light weight and easy to carry.
Master control form Low power embedded system   
Basic frequency: 600MHz   Memory: 256M
Number of channels 1 transmit channel,2 number of receiving channels
Sampling method Launch and receive independently Number of profiles tested in a single lifting Two profiles
Display mode 8.4-inch high-brightness true-color LCD screen
640×480(adjustable backlight
Frequency bandwidth 1~500kHz
Operation method Touch screen Acoustic amplitude accuracy ≤3%
Storage mode 16G electronic hard disk Acoustic time accuracy ≤0.5%
Communication  method Wired communication Receiving sensitivity ≤10μV
Depth counting method Automatic counting Intertrack crosstalk ≤1/400
Scanning speed 20 cycles/sec Data export USB
Trigger method Signal trigger Sampling interval 0.1~200μS
Recording length 0.5~4k Operating temperature -20~+55℃
Transmit voltage 500V/1000V adjustable Power supply mode Removable lithium battery≥8h
Dynamic range ≥100dB Dimensions 255×180×60mm
Gain accuracy 0.5dB Weight 1.6kg (including lithium battery)
Lifting device
Connection method of lifting device Wired/wireless  
Minimum space between  testing points
Wireless transmission distance 30m Maximum lifting speed 1.0m/s
Wireless working hours ≥20h Counting method Double direction counting