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RSM-JC5 Series Static Load Tester Has Passed the Reliability and Quality Test by Foxconn CMC

01 Intelligent system, safe and reliable
02  Easy to operate, simple and practical
03 Universal compatibility
04  High-performance lithium battery with long battery life
RSM-JC5 Series Static Load Tester Has Passed the Reliability and Quality Test by Foxconn CMC 
The market of nondestructive examination testers grows due to the development of the pile foundation testing industry. High quality has become the focus of attention of the detection units and inspectors besides the leading technology and intimate service. Wuhan Sinorock Technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter called the “Company”) adheres to people-oriented policies and its R&D and production are motivated by market demand.  While improving product performance, it constantly improves quality to set up industry benchmarks   
Hardware R & D directors, production supervisors and product quality engineers in Sinorock have visited the Foxconn CMC to inspect the reliability laboratory. They prepared various testing programs for the characteristics to verify the quality of products. In late May, the related technical personnel in Sinorock went to the Foxconn CMC, where they tested equipment  for a week. The tested equipment includes static load testers such as RSM-JC5 (A) and RSM-JC5 (C). The following tests were conducted for the equipment: the constant temperature and humidity test, the packaging and transportation vibration test, the dust-proof test and HALT test. Authoritative reports were obtained .. During the tests, the technicians constantly monitored the running state and signal index to ensure the standardization of test parameters.
The constant temperature and humidity test was conducted in the laboratory, which is certified by CNAS and ILAC-MRA, in accordance with GB/T2423.3-2006. The KTHG-415TBFV constant temperature and humidity cabinet was used to test the capability of withstanding the high temperature and humidity. The equipment was tested for 24 hours under the following conditions: (1) 40℃, humidity: 85%; (2) 60℃, humidity: 90%. The appearance and functions of the sample were normal after the test.
                      Figure. 1.1 Establishment of Testing Environment
                         Figure. 1.2 RH Environment Curves (40, Humidity: 85%)
                                      Figure. 1.3 RH Environment Curves (60, humidity: 90%)
The DC-2200-26 vibration testing machine is used to carry out the packaging and transportation vibration test. The test is designed to simulate three types of transportation: automobile, railway and aviation, so as to verify the anti-vibration capability. It is also intended to prevent products from being damaged during handling, transportation and using. The test conducted in the experiment certified by CNAS and ILAC-MRA. The test is conducted in accordance with the IEC 60068-2-64 2008. After the test, the appearance and parts are not damaged and their functions are normal. The internal installation process is intact without any loosening and abscission after dismantling.
                                  Figure 2.1 Packaging and Transportation Vibrations
      Figure 2.2 Spectrum Diagram Used to Simulate Automobile Vibrations during Transport 
                   Figure 2.3 Spectrum Diagram Used to Simulate Railway Vbirations during Tranport
           Figure 2.4 Spectrum Diagram Used to Simulate Aviation Vbirations during Tranport
In the dustproof test, SC-010 dust-proof tester is used and a 45 μm dry powder is used in the test chamber for 9 hours to inspect changes in performance after the dust-proof test. After the test, the functions of samples are normal.
                              Figure 3.1 Test Principle
                                     Figure 3.2 Diagram of Testing Process 
HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) : The Typhoon 4.0 system, which is a highly accelerated life test equipment of QUALMARK (U.S.), is used to conduct the following tests: the temperature stepped stress test, rapid temperature change cycle test, vibration stepped stress and compound test. The batteries without full electricity in hosts and data boxes of the two sets equipment can be operated through the boot-strap by the outside power supply and the results of all tests are acceptable.
     Figure 4.1 Testing Environment ( Temperature Stepped Stress, Rapid Temperature Change Cycle)
             Figure 4.2 Testing Environment ( Vibration Stepped Stress and Compound Testing)
            Figure 4.3 Curves of Testing Temperature of Rapid Temperature Change Cycle (-20-70)
 For the tests described above, the criteria for judging the testing functions of the instrument are:
      1. The criteria for judgement are provided by inspection enterprises.
      2.The communication between the host and the data box is normal, and the controlling box can normally supply power and control for the data box.
    3.The host and numerical control box can collect, accommodate and delete data from displacement sensors, FM displacement sensors and oil pressure sensors in real time, and all sensors operate normally.
     4.The display screen of the host is normal, without blurred screen, flash screen and unexpected shutdown. The instrument can refresh and record the data normally.
     5. The charge-discharge functions in the host and data box are normal, and the host’s charging indicator and the data box’s power supply indicator are normal.            
The equipment inspection is the verification and recognition for the quality of products produced by the Company. Sinorock is quality-oritented, constantly improves the quality management, and improves the management level. It is aimed to become a leader in pile foundation testing industry.

Foxconn CMC
As a third-party testing authority, Foxconn CMC was recognized by the China National Accreditation for Conformity Commission (CNAS) in 2003 and its test reports are widely recognized throughout the world.