About us
1986-2005  Founding of brand (RSM)      
The premier indigenous dynamic tester (RSM-08A) was first developed in 1986; it marked the founding of the brand, RSM. The Intelligent Instrument Lab, which was originally under the control of Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics (IRSM), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), was founded upon RSM in 1992. After two years, the first intelligent sonic logging tester (RSM-SY4) was successfully manufactured and rolled out. In the following years, the RSM series instruments were boomed to promote. The second generation of sonic logging tester (RSM-SY5) and the low-strain pile integrity tester were followed to the market. The research team under the leadership of Professor Minggui LIU, the chief engineer of the lab, won a series of science prizes of domestic.
The advent of RSM series predicated a new era of testing equipment on geotechnical engineering in China.
2006-2012  Establishment of enterprise                                
In 2006, the Intelligent Instrument Lab was transformed into Wuhan RSM Intelligence Geotechnical Co., Ltd.
In 2008, the company’s products were expanded into Southeast Asia.
At the same year, Wuhan Sinorock Technology Co., Ltd (Sinorock), directly under Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics (IRSM), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), was founded. When the base of model pile was built, Sinorock started successfully the training mode of matching theory and practice.
In 2011, granted by SACAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council), Wuhan RSM Intelligence Geotechnical CO., Ltd was merged into Sinorock as a wholly owned subsidiary. On the basis of the original resources of two companies, Sinorock had formed the one-stop industrial chain of processing and producing.

2013-Present  Expansion of company   

Followed by a round of reorganization, Sinorock seeks for the new challenges constantly echoing the spirit of technological innovation. By 2013, the company has entered the realm of geophysical exploration with the SR series, which contains geophysical exploration equipment and geotechnical engineering system. In 2015, the research and develop team has carried out comprehensive techchange and innovation for the four ranges of equipment, dynamic testing, sonic logging testing, static load pile testing and geophysical exploration testing.
As an all-encompassing high-tech enterprise, Sinorock is always working harder to innovate. There are lots more to come!