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 PDA Proficiency Test 
The training courses on high strain CASE and CAPWAP methods organized by SINOROCK aim to enhance the data analysis and processing proficiency of pile foundation high strain testing engineers, test and grade their professional level, and issue certificates proving their high strain testing proficiency level.

Course content
1. Introduction to basic principles of high strain and piling monitoring
2. CASE method bearing capacity calculation and pile integrity coefficient calculation
3. Analysis and judgment on high strain detection data
4. High Strain Case Study
5. CAPWAP curve fitting method

The course language is English, and the exam language is English.
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Testing process
1. During the registration validity period, first contact the person in charge based on the published email or phone number.
2. According to the requirements of the responsible person, pay the fees to the designated account and fill in the real name, phone number, and email address for subsequent courses, exams, and certificate issuance notifications.
3. The course content has a full record. You can watch the course repeatedly through the playback link. The course record link for that day will be provided the next morning. The course courseware for that day will be distributed to all engineers before the course.
4. The test questions include 28 signal choice questions and 16 true or false questions. Each signal choice question scores 3 points, and each T/F question scores 1 point, with a maximum score of 100 points. Some questions contain simple calculations that can be completed by hand or computer calculators.

The exam content includes:
 Basic Theory of Stress Waves
 The premise of the CASE method and the applicable scenarios of different methods
 Judgment of Test Result Curve
 Fitting method model and analysis steps

5. The exam format is online. The exam time is 1 hour. The exam is a closed book exam, and it is prohibited to use additional tools to search or communicate with others. During the exam, all engineers should enter the Zoom conference room and turn on their cameras. There are two exams in each period, divided into the first exam and the make-up exam.
6. According to the test result scores, the proficiency test is divided into three levels, including failed, qualified and excellent.

Test score       Level
    70-100       Excellent
    40-69         Qualified
    <40            Failed

7. There are two periods of proficiency test every year. If the engineer fails to pass the first period of the test or fails to take the first period of the test, he can continue to take the second period of the test for free. The specific time of the test will be notified one week in advance.
The engineer who obtained the proficiency certificate demonstrated their knowledge to SINOROCK. However, Sinorock Technology CO., LTD does not imply or guarantee that the person has the ability to apply appropriate knowledge and advice to specific projects. Sinorock Technology CO., LTD assumes no responsibility for the basic testing and analysis work carried out by the licensee.
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