About us
Wuhan Sinorock Technology Co.,Ltd

The former Department of Intelligent Instrument, Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
The present industrial incubator base of Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences

R & D:
Sinorock is Long-term project partner of Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Sinorock is Internship base for master's degree candidates and doctoral candidates from Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanic of Chinese Academy of Sciences majoring in intelligent geotechnical testing technology, and postdoctoral research station.

Sinorock has obtained more than 20 invention patents, utility model patents and design patents. The supporting software and
analysis software of all instruments are customized. And Sinorock has obtained copyright of computer software issued by the National Copyright Administration of the P.R.C. and has its software product registered by Hubei Software Industry Association.

Interested in exchange and sharing of academic experience, Sinorock actively publishes academic papers on journals and at conferences. Since 2000, it has published more than 30 papers.

Technical backbones with no fewer than 10 years of relevant
training experience in Sinorock were engaged as lecturers by the foundation continuing education and training network course of the Ministry of Transport.

Specifications co-edited:
"Technical Code for Testing of Building Foundation Piles" JGJ106-2014
"Multi-span Ultrasonic Automatic Measuring Instrument for Piles" (DB42/T 923-2013)
“Technical Specification for Non-destructive Testing of Rock Bolt System” ( JGJ/T182-2009)
"Technical Specification for Testing of Existing Building Foundation" JGJ/T "Pile Dynamic Testing Instruments"
"Static Load Tester" (Water Transport Engineering)
"Bolt Nondestructive Tester" (Hubei landmark)

- Sinorock was certified by ISO
- Obtained the license for manufacturing measuring instruments
RSM-SY8 series products was CE-certified
- Was certified by SGS

Marketing and services:
We have been providing professional
products and services for our customers for more than 30 years.

We pay attention to every link of the product, including R&D, procurement, production, quality and maintenance.

Our sales volume has increased sharply year by year, the number of domestic customers has reached more than 18,000, and the domestic market share is more than 50%.

RSM series products are exported to overseas markets.