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Prestressed Pipe High Strain Testing Case

Prestressed Pipe Ppile High Strain Testing Case
Prestressed pipe pile.
Pile length: 15m,
Pile diameter: 500mm,
Wall thickness: 100mm,
Strength design grade: C80,
Design bearing capacity: 1200KN.


According to the People's Republic of China industry standard "Technical Specifications for Building Pile Testing" JGJ106-2014, the high strain test of piles was carried out using the RSM-PDT(B) High-Strain Pile Bearing Tester of Sinorock.

Testing result

According to the CAPWAP analysis, it can be judged according to the specification that the integrity of the s121 pile is Class I, and the bearing capacity is 1381KN, which meets the design requirements, wherein the side resistance is 717KN, the end resistance is 664KN, and the BTA value is 1.0. According to the above results, the S121 pile is shown. The integrity level is Class I, and the bearing capacity meets the design requirements.