RSM-HGT(D) Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor

  • RSM-HGT(D) Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor
  • RSM-HGT(D) Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor
  • RSM-HGT(D) Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor
Product Features
Strong adaptability
Hole range: aperture, groove width 600-8000mm, large emission energy, and the first wave can be clearly identified when the mud specific gravity reaches 1.4g/cm3 (with a small sand content), which is suitable for the testing of holes and grooves in almost all projects. Can do dry hole testing.
Intelligent Recognition, 3D Simulation
Automatic wellbore recognition, 3D simulation of hole formation, and 3D pictures of the hole can be output, which is intuitive and accurate.
System intelligence,supply fast printing on site.
Aviation aluminum is light and durable, one-piece stamping forming, stepless speed change, remote control, safe and reliable.
Probe with small blind area, strong signal, more accurate testing (measurement accuracy: 0.2%FS), can test four directions at the same time.
Large Capacity Ultra-thin Battery
9mm ultra-thin large-capacity battery, battery life ≥10h and removable.Can be equipped with a backup battery.
Industrial-grade capacitive screen
Newly upgraded industrial-grade capacitive touch screen, smooth and precise operation, adapt to strong light environment.
Technical Features
Hole quality testing of bored piles on railway, highway, port, high-rise building and etc.
Hole quality testing of branch and plate piles.
Trenching quality testing of the groove of diaphragm wall.
Measuring range:
600~8000mm; (hole/groove diameter)
Max measuring depth:
150m (Can be customized)
Max depth resolution:
Record mode:
Color image, data file
Date export:
Dry/wet hole support
RSM Auto double winch:
Dimensions(Auto double winch):
Weight of Auto double winch:
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