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"Drilling" of the first pile foundation of Xianyang Hi-Tech No. 1 Bridge across the Weihe River

The first pile foundation of Xianyang Hi-Tech No. 1 Cross-Weihe Bridge Project was successfully drilled.
The main line of the Weihe Bridge is designed to have a total length of 1803m, of which the length of the bridge is 891m, and the main bridge is a cable-stayed bridge without back-stays with a length of 390m. The approach bridge is a steel-concrete composite beam bridge with a length of 501m. The bridge pile foundation is designed as a friction pile, and the pile diameter is designed in two sizes of 1.8m and 2.5m. The pile foundation is constructed with a rotary drilling rig. The underwater pile is considered to be a rotary drilling rig according to the geological conditions and the effect of mud wall protection. When the hole testing effect is poor, it is replaced with a replacement circulation drilling rig.
The project management team has discussed the construction organization and technical plan many times, detailed and decomposed the construction process, assigned the responsibility to the individual, and ensured that it was correct. The first pile foundation was drilled smoothly.
Everyone said that they would take this as an opportunity to face the difficulties, high standards and strict requirements, to ensure that the project completes the construction and production tasks with high quality and efficiency.