RSM-SNR(A) Pipeline Sonar Test System

  • RSM-SNR(A) Pipeline Sonar Test System
  • RSM-SNR(A) Pipeline Sonar Test System
  • RSM-SNR(A) Pipeline Sonar Test System
Product Features
Wireless Acquisition 
Wireless transmission distance reaches 10m, thus reducing the intensity of field testing.
Comprehensive Inspection
Real 360° rotating acquisition without missing any detail.
Intelligent Interpretation
It can automatically capture the contour and calculate the silt deposition situation, and produce the report on site by clicking one key.
Custom Sampling
The sampling distance can be set arbitrarily to meet different sampling requirements.
Wireless Connections
Support wireless control, eliminating the trouble of multi-cable connection.
Accurate Results
Multi-color display, multi-dimensional three-dimensional display.
Technical Features
In the state with water (more than 300mm depth), when the conditions for water drainage are not available, it is used for inspecting the pipeline network structure.
Quantitatively analyzing the silt situation in the pipeline and guiding the work of desilting.
Contour detection of water well and underground cavity.
Applicable Pipe Diameter Range:
Protection Grade:
Range Resolution:
(Within 125mm range) 0.5mm
Power Requirement:
20V DC, 1A peak current
Winding and Unwinding:
Manual winding and unwinding
High-precision (±0.1mm) encoder for measuring the pay-off length of cable
Cable Car:
Emergency Stop Button:
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