RSM-HGT(B) Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor

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Recent progress and development in foundation engineering has resulted in great strides in excavation techniques. By using artificial slurry of high density and specific gravity, deeper excavation has been made possible.
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Description Standard Configuration


  • Hole quality testing of bored piles on railway, highway, port, high-rise building and etc.

  • Hole quality testing of branch and plate piles.

  • Trenching quality testing of the groove of diaphragm wall.




  • Intelligence

The whole testing process and probe lift system is automatically controlled. The test result is multi-mode displaying and can be printed in situ.

  • Reliable

The software system is designed on the platform of Linux. Equipped with removable lithium battery, you will not lose any test data while power interruption.

  • Precise

The RSM-HGT(B) supplies clear and precise records thanks to its unique signal processing technique that discriminates wall echoes from the noise.

  • Separate design

By separate design, the volume and weight of lifting device are greatly reduced that is very easy to carry and operate.

  • Strong adaptability

The RSM-HGT(B) is apply to almost all the hole quality testing, for the ultrasonic probe has small blind area, large power, and strong adaptability. The min detectable bore diameter is 300mm while the maximum is 4000mm, and max mud weight can be 1.3.

  • Self correcting

The device can be automatically corrected according to the pore size to ensure the test result is accurate and reliable.  

  • Varied testing results

The device can real-time output image of two profiles, that is, XX and YY 'profile deviation curves and tables. (Including depth, sonic time of each measuring point, distance between probe and hole wall, pore diameter, offset value and verticality on the position of measuring point. )

It can output three-dimensional pictures of the hole.



  • Compatible with Windows XP/Win7/Win8 operating system.

  • Can be easily imported into Word and Excel for work reports.

  • With a variety tables and report forms to meet the requirement of any report. 

  • Friendly interface and easy operation.

  • Three-dimensional model can be generated by the software.

  • It supplies fast printing, the test results can be printed directly on situ.


Sampling Interface

Analysis screen

Data table screen


3D screen


RSM-HGT(B) application and technical introduction 

RSM-HGT(B)Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor mainly apply for hole quality testing of bored piles on railway, highway, port, high-rise building and etc.Hole quality testing of branch and plate piles.Trenching quality testing of the groove of diaphragm wall.

It mainly uses the ultrasonic method, which is suitable for detecting verticality, aperture (groove width) and hole (groove) depth of the drilling, digging, punching concrete pouring pile and the underground continuous wall slot section of the mud retaining wall. Since ultrasonic waves propagate in the air, the energy decays quickly, so water or mud must be used for testing. The direction of vibration of the ultrasonic wave in the liquid is the same as the direction of propagation. It is a linear motion and belongs to the mechanical longitudinal wave. The energy and wave velocity are affected by the test distance, temperature and sand content. The farther the distance is, the larger the sand content is, and the more obvious the energy attenuation is. The basic method is to place the ultrasonic probe into a hole, and send ultrasonic waves to the surroundings to receive reflected waves.    

Ultrasonic testing equipment generally has an automatic mapping function. The software inside the instrument has calculated the distance measurement and the probe size, and can directly read the distance between the center of the transducer and the wall of the hole (slot) from the hole (groove) sectional view.


Test in situ


Core advantages of RSM-HGT (B) ultrasonic drilling monitor  

Excellent performance and wide application

Hole measurement range: hole diameter and groove width: 300-4000mm; high signal quality; Mud weight is up to 1.3g/cm3. Suitable for the detection of holes and grooves of nearly all projects.

Intelligent recognition, 3D simulation
With wavelet denoising, fast energy packet picking, automatic identification of well wall and 3D simulation of hole formation, it can output 3D hole pattern renderings intuitively and accurately.
The system is intelligent to support on-site printing fastly
Intelligent and portable mechanical device.
With compact design, lightweight and durable aviation aluminum, hand integrated, stepless variable speed and remote control, it is safe and reliable to use and supports wireless code count. 

Matched with advanced and precise probe
Small probe and test blind area; strong energy; more accurate detection (Notes: measurement accuracy: 0.2%F•S). The product can test four directions at the same time

Detachable lithium battery
It features long standby and supports charger, easy battery replacement and uninterrupted field work.

Max Diameter: 80kHz - 8000mm
Length: 0.34m
Weight: 8kg
Temperature: 55°C
Pressure: 5MPa

Range:80kHz - 150m in mud with a specific gravity of 1.3


Model RSM-HGT(B)
Main control system Low power embedded system
Main frequency:1GHz     Memory:512M
Display 12.1high brightness TFT-LCD 1280×768
Operation Touch screen
Scanning speed ≥ 20 times per second
Frequency bandwidth 1-500kHz
Accuracy of acoustic wave ≤0.5%
Accuracy 0.2%FS
Measuring range 300~4000mm; (pore diameter)
Max measuring depth 150m (Can be customized)
Max depth resolution 5mm
Record mode Color image, data file
Output Ordinary (color) printer
Date export USB
Positioning system Built-in GPS
Angle correction Built-inelectronic compass
Working temperature -20~+55℃
Power supply Removable lithium battery≥8h
Dimensions 340×270×73mm
Host weight 2.0kg (including battery)
Lifting speed 0~20m/min adjustable (Fast lift while emergency)
Dimension of lifting device 850×600×600mm
Weight of lifting device 30kg(Including probe)


Recorder Unit 1 suit RSM-HGT(B)
With user’s manual, software CD, Certificate and equipment case.
Winch Unit 1 suit With cable
Ultrasonic Sensor 1 piece With cable
USB 1 piece  
Port holder 1 suit With pulley