RSM-JC5 (G) static load tester

  • RSM-JC5 (G) static load tester
  • RSM-JC5 (G) static load tester
  • RSM-JC5 (G) static load tester
Product Features
One Instrument,Three Piles Controlled
Three piles can be controlled by one host for test on site.High degree of automation, automatic loading, unloading, stability determination and reading, able to achieve entire unattended operation;Intelligent alarm to respond to emergencies at any time.
User-friendly operation
The host can wirelessly control the data box with an effective distance of over 300m;
Guided operation, wireless monitor on-site testing;
Unique log supervision,automatic double backup of data.
Smart compatibility
It is compatible with FM waterproof displacement sensor, digital capacitance grid displacement sensor and resistance displacement sensor;
Pressure sensors or load cells can be selected for load test;
Sensors are powered by the instrument, no need to install a separate battery.
Long battery life
Can be equipped with a backup battery,long standby;
Ensure uninterrupted test process;
Data box built-in high-performance lithium battery;
Can be directly powered by on-site 220V/380V power supply.
Industrial-grade capacitive screen
Newly upgraded industrial-grade capacitive touch screen, smooth and precise operation, adapt to strong light environment.
Enterprise customization
Comply with international standards and support customized R&D.
Technical Features
Applicable standards:
Standard Test Methods for Deep Foundations Under Bi-Directional Static Axial Compressive Load
(ASTM D8169/D8169M-18)

Standard Test Methods for Deep Foundations Under Static Axial Compressive Load
(ASTM D1143/D1143M-07)

Compliant with international and domestic standards and regulations for various industries and local standards.
Data backup:
Automatic backup
Communication mode:
Wireless / wired
Wireless communication distance:
Displacement test channel:
8 channels
Displacement range:
Single range of 50mm and the range can be accumulated for multiple times
Load test channel:
340×275×62 mm
3.0kg (including lithium battery)
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