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Beijing-Hangzhou Canal Project—Pile Foundation Construction of Century Avenue Bridge Completed

The concrete pouring of last pile foundation of the Century Avenue Bridge in the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal Project was successfully completed, marking the completion of the construction of all the 158 pile foundations of the Century Avenue Bridge and the smooth realization of the project's phased construction period goal.
The total length of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal project is 2.8775km. The main engineering volume includes 228 pile foundations, 100 piers, 55 cap beams, 16 bridge abutments, 698 T-beam prefabricated pieces, and 347 T-beam installations. Subgrade fills 945,000 m, excavation 12,000 m, cement mixing pile 7,368 m, prestressed concrete pipe pile 25,563 m, concrete retaining wall 4,993 m; water stability is 23,000 m2, and asphalt is 37,000 m. There are three bridges in this project, namely Century Avenue Bridge, Shengli Bridge and Tuanjie Bridge. Among them, Century Avenue Bridge is the primary construction bridge for this project.
The relevant person in charge of the project said that during the construction of the pile foundation, there were many difficulties, such as the poor geological and geological conditions of the site, mostly due to the rainy season construction. The project department has also formulated a special construction plan for the rainy season and the problem of road diversion, ensuring smooth construction. The completion of the construction of the pile foundations of the Century Avenue Bridge indicates that the construction of the piers, caps and superstructures of the project has completely entered a new round of sprinting. It also lays a solid foundation for the construction of the main body of the bridge in the later period. High-quality development is of great significance.